#HappyBirthdayJimin hashtag trending on BTS Jimin 25th birthday [BTS ARMY]

Its the 13th of October and the hashtag #HappyBirthdayJimin is trending all across the social media (Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook) as it's Jimin 25th birthday. Jimin (Park Ji-min, 박지민; ) the singer, songwriter, and dancer from the South Korean band BTS was born on October 13, 1995.

Jimin was born in Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea on 13th of October in year 1995. He attended Busan's Hodong Elementary School and Yonsan Middle School. He also studied contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts.

Trending Jimin Hashtags on his birthday!

  1. #HappyBirthdayJimin
  2. #JIMINday
  3. #JiminBirthday
  4. #OurOctoberPrince
  5. #OurEternalSerendipity
  6. #Jiminie

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