Use Netbeans keyboard shortcuts in Android Studio

You might have been working on Netbeans IDE for most of your life and must have lately moved to the relatively new Official IDE for Android Development i.e. IntelliJ Android Studio. The first thing you would notice is that the IDE has different sets of Keyboard shortcuts. If you want to make use of the good old Netbeans shortcuts here is a walkthrough to achieve it,

Netbeans keymap on Android Studio
Netbeans keymap on Android Studio
  1. Go to Menu: Android Studio → Preferences (Should be Window → Preferences on Windows OS)
  2. Now you should see Keymap on the left menu, just below Appearances and Behaviour.
  3. You would see a Keymaps dropdown menu, just select NetBeans 6.5.
  4. Click on Apply → OK.
  5. Thanks it!

You can similarly make use of other IDE Keymaps like Eclipse, Eclipse for macOS and so on.

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