Failed to sync Gradle project Error:failed to find target android-23

Failed to sync Gradle project 'My Application'
Error:failed to find target android-23 : /Users/code2care/Android/adt-bundle-mac-x86_64-20140702/sdk

If you get this error message in Android Studio Message console then it means that you do not have Android SDK Platform 23 version installed on your system. You should get a Link along with the error message "Install missing platform(s) and sync project" just click on it and you would get SDK QuickFix Installation dialog, Accept the License Agreement and get the component installed,

Loading SDK information...
Refresh Sources:
Fetched Add-ons List successfully
Refresh Sources
Ignoring unknown package filter 'android-23'Warning: The package filter removed all packages. There is nothing to install.
Please consider trying to update again without a package filter.

If you get such an error message then get the SDK platform installed from SDK Manager under Tools and then try opening your project again.

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