Create a large dummy file using Mac OS X terminal command

Create large dummy file using Terminal command
Create large dummy file using Terminal command

If you want to create a large dummy file with any extension e.g. : .txt, .dmg, .pdf, .mp4, .mov, .zip, .rar, .mk4 you can do it using mkfile command in Terminal App.

Steps to create a large file :

  1. Open Terminal App.
  2. Move to the location where you want to create your file using cd (change directory command)
  3. Now use command mkfile <size>G your-file-name.ext ( example: mkfile 4G => will create a movie file with name mymovie of size 4GB)
  4. Hit Enter, It will take some time to complete the process (depends on the file size)
  5. When the command completes the prompt should return and file would be created.
  6. mkfile command also works on other Unix based or Linux Operating Systems.


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