How to change Chrome Spell Check from UK English to US English

If you see that Chrome suggests your corrections for the text you write like "organization" as "organization" even if you have set the Chrome default language settings as U.S. English well then its because your Grammar and Spelling on your Mac OS X is set to UK (British). To resolve this issue follow these steps,

  1. Just right click on any text shows corrections.
  2. Right Click on Spelling suggestion.png
    Right Click on Spelling suggestion.png
  3. Now select, Spelling and Grammar → Show Spelling and Grammar
  4. Select Spelling and Grammar.png
    Select Spelling and Grammar.png
  5. At the drop-down below, select U.S. English instead of British English
  6. Select U.S. English.png
    Select U.S. English.png
  7. Thats it!!

Follow the same steps if you want to spell-check issues with languages such as Australian English, Canadian English, Indian English. Also, note that this change will make the Default Language as U.S. English thus any software that detects spellchecks will use U.S. English as a standard for corrections.

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