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Remove Applications from Startup Mac OS X

There are certain applications that you may have installed that had a default setting to get loaded as soon as you boot your Mac OS X Operating system, and yes it is quite annoying if you have say 4-5 unwanted app getting loaded at boot-time slowing down you system.

So here is how you can remove apps from getting loaded at startup.
 List of Applications loaded on login Mac OS X

1. Goto Spotlight Search and open : System Preferences

2. Select Users & Groups
System Preferences Users and Group

3. Goto Login Items tab

    Here you will be able to see the list of all the applications that are opened automatically on your log in. If the Hide filed corresponding to the app is checkbox, it means that the application will be loaded at startup as well as opened. If the checkbox is not ticked it means that the application icon will be just loaded on the dock.
    Remove Applications from Login Items Mac OS X

    In my case i have iBooks, VLC, TeamViewer and uTorrent app that are opened automatically.

    If you don�t want a particular application to be loaded, just select the app column and click on the - (minus) sign .

    Now when you restart your system, the app that you may have removed form the list will not be loaded at startup.
    How to remove Application from Boottime Mac OS X


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