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How to resolve this warning on gmail chat when indivisible. Oops! You are not invisible because you're logged into Google Talk from another client, device, or location that doesn't support invisibility.

If you login to Gmail chat indivisibly and you see this error, well this is because your Gtalk/chat session is active on some other device. Which might be an app on your Phone (Android, iOS or other phones) or some other devices like tablets or even some other Computer (Mac, Windows etc). If you think you have not logged into any of the Google chat clients (can be third party apps like imo, eBuddy, nimbuzz etc), well there maybe someone being using your account (hacked?).

Initial troubleshooting steps

If you have an Android Mobile running Hangout App, just check if you are visible there!, if yes try going invisible or logging out of the app and check if still the warning message is displayed on Gmail.

To get rid of this issue, go to your gmail, scroll down to the bottom, you will see Last account activity and below it details, click on details, you will now have a pop-up window.
last account activity gmail
sign out of other sessions gmail gtalk
Click Sign out of all sessions and your done!

On the above window you can see all the recent sessions and locations where your mail-box was accessed. If you find a access location suspicious well, Alarm : Its time to change your password!!.


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