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Mumbai Local Trains delayed on Central Line (CR) due to Technical Failure

Today be the first working day of the year 2015 has begun with hardship for Central Line Mumbai Local Commuters.

This morning around 7:00am a pantograph of a train broke near Thakurli Station that caused the train to standstill, resulting in breakdown of the entire Central Slow Line.

Due to the Delays, furious commuters at Diva station started rail roko.

Update :

Mumbai Police lathi charged the protesting commuters who pelted stones on the trains and broke the Ticket Vending Machines (AVTM)

11:30 am : 02-01-2015 : There are reports that few motormen were injured during the protest by commuters, so the motormen have gone for a strike.

News coming in that all the lines Western Railway , Central Railway , and Harbour line trains are completely haunted due to Motormen's flash strike.


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8. Mumbai Local Trains delayed on Central Line (CR) due to Technical Failure

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