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List of Game Engines for Android 2015

If you are new to Game development and want to get started with developing games for Mobile devices you need to know what game engines are and what options you have in the market.

What are game Engines ?

    They are Software Frameworks designed for developers to develop games for video gaming consoles, mobile devices and computers.

    They have a rendering engine that induces 2D 3D rendering graphics, sound, animation, scripting, networking, streaming, threading, memory management.

    It also includes physics engine and collision detection engines.

In this post we will cover what Game Engine options that are available for developing games on Android OS platform :

1. AndEngine :

    This is still the best choice for game developers for mobile platforms.

    Its a free (Apache license) Android 2D OpenGL game engine.

    It has many features/extensions too,

    Augmented Reality Extension Live Wallpaper Extension MOD Player Extension Multi-player Extension Multi Touch Extension Physics Box2D Extension RobotiumE xtension Scripting Extension Scripting Extension Generator SVGTexture RegionExtension Texture Packer Extension TMX TiledMap Extension

    It has a very active forum where you can get help :

    Find the libraries and demos on github :

2. Reach3dx

3. GameSalad

    It has over 750,000 developers and over half a million games being published. It has a editor that has drag and drop features that makes a game developers life easer and lets you developing games faster and easier.

    You need to get a licence for publishing apps on Android PlayStore

    Link :

4. Alien3D

    Its an OpenGL ES based gaming engine.

    Its is free Open source game engine released under Apache 2.0.

    It is based on Java Programming language.

    It supports 2D/3D game development.

    Link :

5. Box2D

    It is a 2D game engine written in C++ language.

    It has been ported to other languages like Java, C#, Python and JavaScript

    As ported to Java for Android hence is known as JBox2D.

    It is free and released under Open Source GNU GPL v2 License.

    Link :

6. App Game Kit (AGK)

    This is a cross platform gaming engine kit that lets you create games that work cross platform. Write and deploy anywhere.

    It is a paid tool :

7. Project Anarchy

    Project Anarchy is a complete end to end game engine and state-of-the-art toolset for mobile. Project Anarchy also comprises a vibrant game development community centered right here at Project Anarchy includes an entirely free license to ship your game on iOS, Android and Tizen platforms.

    Link :

8 : Havok Vision Engine

9 : Antiryad Gx

    Its a Multi-core 3D gaming engine developed in C and C++

10 : Cocos2D

    This is one of the famous 2D game engine released under New NSD License.

    It has been written in Java.

    To know more :

11. Corona SDK

    Supports both 2D and 3D development.

    It is build on top of OpenGL, OpenAL, BOX2D and Lua.

    It is a Proprietary tool and is paid (trail is free)

12. DX Studio

    It supports interactive 3D game development.

    It is free for commercial use.

    written in C++ and C# programming language.

    Link :


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