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Instagram Couldnt refresh feed Error

Instagram : Couldn't load image Tap to retry

Instagram Error  : We are sorry we cannot provide News at this time

Couldn't refresh feed.

Couldn't load image.Tap to retry.

Connection Error
We’re sorry, we cannot provide News at this time.

If you get one of the above error's while trying to access Instagram app on your mobile device, just check the below mentioned troubleshooting points.

1. Check your internet connection 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi that you are connected to. Try switching network if available (say from 3G to Wi-fi)

2. Open your mobile web browser and try accessing google search homepage. Google is the first step to internet troubleshooting.

3. Check your internet connection signal, if it is weak, it may cause such issues.

4. Certain mobile carriers data plan bandwidth rate is reduced once a certain amount of monthly quota is exhausted, this may result in such issues.

5. Check if you are using Wi-Fi (or any Shared Network connection) to which many people are connected currently throttling your bandwidth.


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