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InMobi Login error - User is Not Active Solved

If you are getting this error User is Not Active while trying to login to your InMobi account, well it may be due to the following reason,

You have an login account name (user [email protected] for inMobi and your Google Play Store or Apple App store details have email id [email protected] When you try to activate your App on the inMobi Console (My Properties Area), you are asked to validate [email protected] account to prove that you are the one who developed the app.

You are asked to fill the details and then send an Activation request to [email protected]
You must have provided an Expiry date that has Expired. So all you need to do is change this date ( better leave it blank as its an Optional field and Resend a Request Link.

Link for User Page :

User Management Update Date inMob Account

Issue resolved.

Now got Approved inMob

I didn't find a solution to this on the Web so I thought of writing it up on my Blog.

Hope it helped somebody :). Happy Coding!!


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