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How to install Ubantu from USB Pendrive Stick

If you do not have a CD of Ubantu rather you have downloaded the setup form Uubantu website, well you can install it from a USB flash drive, no need to burn a CD for doing it

Prerequisites :

  • 1. You need to have a Ubantu Operating System (OS) ISO file.
  • 2. A USB drive (Flash/Stick).
    Note depending upon the size of the .iso you must have an appropriate sized pendrive (2gb is perfect, 1gb will also suffice if .iso is less then a gb).

  • Making a Bootable Ubantu USB drive.

    There are many tutorials that you may find on the web in order to make a usb drive bootable (using windows command prompt commands, using terminal commands on linux or mac osx) but there is a very handy tool available that can make this quick irrespective of your operating system. The tool is called UNetbootin
    UNetbootin (Universal Netboot Installer)

    UNetbootin software can be downloaded from :

    It lets you create bootable (Live USB) drives not only for Ubantu but also Fedora and other Linux flavours. More over the setup is available for Windows, Linux as Well as Mac OS X.

    Lets see how to use this tool to make a bootable OS disk

    Steps :

    1. Open UNetbootin.

    Installing Ubantu for USB flash Drive

    2. As we have the iso file with us. Select Diskimage radio box and iso in dropdown, now browse the iso file. If you dont have a iso file you can simply use Distribution option to first download one of the Linux operating systems.

    3. Select Type : USB Drive and Choose the appropriate drive.

    4. Click button OK

    Ubantu installation steps using Pendrive USB Stick

    5. Not wait till the iso disk is transformed into a bootable usb stick.

    6. Its done. Reboot your system and you will be able to install Ubantu on your Harddrive.

    Note : If your pen-drive is not displayed as an option in UNetbootin see to it that it is formatted in FAT32 format.

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