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How to Apply Themes to Notepad++

Notepad++ is undoubtedly the most powerful Text Editor for the Windows Platform. Apart from Plugins we also have various custom themes to Notepad++. Themes are nothing but xml files with colour definitions for various parameters and are Programming language specific. By default stylers.xml theme is applied to Notepad++ and there are 20 other themes available.

To Apply a theme goto Menu : Settings -> Style Configurator -> Select Theme Dropdown

Notepad++ Themes Demo

Default Theme

Default Theme

1. Bespin
    Bespin Theme

2. Black board
    Black board Theme

3. Choco
    Choco Theme

4. Deep Black
    Deep Black Theme

5. Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty Theme

6. HotFudgeSundae
    Hello Kitty Theme

7. Khaki
    Khaki Theme

8. Mono Industrial
     Mono Industrial Theme

9. Monokai
    Monokai Theme

10. MossyLawn
    MossyLawn Theme

11. Navajo
    Navajo Theme

12. Obsidian
    Obsidian Theme

13. Plastic Code Wrap
    Plastic Code Wrap Theme

14. Ruby Blue
    Ruby Blue Theme

15. Solarized-Light
    Solarized-Light Theme

16. Solarized
    Solarized Theme

17. Twilight
    Twilight Theme

18. Vibrant Ink
    Vibrant Ink Theme

19. Vim Dark Blue
    Vim Dark Blue

20. Zenburn
    Zenburn Theme

Importing Themes to Notepad++

Apart from the themes available with Notepad++ you can also find themes on the web (github has some repos for example). You can download the theme.xml and import it to Notepad++ by going to Menu -> Settings -> Import -> Import Style theme(s) option.

Inporting Themes to Notepad++


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