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Hidden Dinosaur Game in Google's Chrome Canary Browser Version 39.0.2171.99

Hidden game in Google Chrome

You must have noticed that Google's Chrome Browser got an recent update (Canary : Version 39.0.2171.99) where they added a User Icon at the top left of the window that lets easy access/sync to tabs bookmarks, history and other settings from various devices, but you may have not notice the hidden game that they have added ? Yes!! there is a hidden T-Rex Dinosaur game!!

How to access the hidden game in Chrome

    You must have noticed that when a webpage you are tying to access is not available you get the error message,

    Unable to connect to the Internet

    Google Chrome can't display the webpage because your computer isn't connected to the Internet.

    Unable to connect to the Internet

    We get this error message when the Internet connection is unavailable or you are offline. You will see a black and white T-Rex Dinosaur as usual that you may have seen in the earlier versions. If you watch carefully you would see that Rex blinks his eye every 2 secs or so. This build ver. 39.0.2171.99 there is something more usual that happens when you hit spacebar!!

    You would see that the Dinosaur starts to jump and page turns into a 2D game, a classic runner genre game that is in grayscale (b/w)

    Tthe dinosaur is running in a dessert with Cactus as hurdles you would the score on the right top and once you bump on the cactus you get a Game Over popup with a retry icon, the next time you play you would also see the HI : Highest score on the top right. This is an endless game just like flappy bird that went viral.

    To access the game

    1. Turn off your Wifi connection.

    2. Now try to access any webpage.

    3. You should now get "Unable to connect to the Internet error page.

    4. Just hit Spacebar and the Game Starts.

    Game doesn't work ?

    1. Check that you are offline.

    2. Check your browser version, go to Chrome Hamburger menu -> About Google Chrome -> Look for updates.

    3. This game does not work on Mobile devices.

    This classic game is currently seems to be available for Chrome Canary for desktops , works for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X OS platforms, but it seems that its not yet available for the Android and iOS chrome apps.

    At time we all encounter Internet connection drops, that are quite frustrating at times and you keep waiting impatiently for the Internet to come up again, well this hidden game will surely let you forget if the connection is back or not :D


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