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Google Analytics Adds Cohort Analysis Reports

Google Analytics Cohort Analysis Reports

Cohort analysis is a kind of behavioural analytics that helps Websites , Mobile Apps , Games and eCommerce services to examine their users as a related group rather then all at once, this group has some common behaviour for a given time frame.

Recently Cohort Analysis has been added to Google Analytics Page as a Beta Feature, which lets to examine the behaviour of group of users in a cohort way.

If you are running a short-term social campaign or e-mail, cohort Reports will be really helpful to track the behaviour of the group of users changes in days - weeks - month relative to when you acquired them along with various cohort sizes and Matrices. So these reports are really helpful to understand retention and revenue

You can generate reports based on Cohort Type, Cohort Size, Date Range and include Metrics like

Per User

- Goals Completions per User
- Pageviews Per User
- Revenue Per User
- Session Duration Per User
- Sessions per User
- Transactions per User


- User Retentions


- Goal Completions
- Pageviews
- Revenue
- Sessions
- Transactions
- Users

How to Access Cohort Analysis

How to access Cohort Analysis Beta

You are not required to make any changes in the tracking code to get access, when you just login to your Google Analytics page you would be able to see it under the Navigation view at the left under,

Audience -> Cohort Analysis Beta


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