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Beautifully CSS designed apple mouse (mice). Includes Macintosh mouse,Apple Desktop Bus Mouse I (ADB I), Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II (ADB II), iMac mouse/USB mouse, Pro mouse, Mighty mouse and Magic mouse.

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Some Background

Lisa mouse(A9M0050)

Apple Lisa muse was among the first commercial mice sold in the marketplace.Included with the Lisa system in 1983, it was based on the mouse used in the 1970s on the Alto computer at Xerox PARC. Macintosh mouse(M0100)

The Lisa's steel ball was replaced by a rubber one in Macintosh mouse and the case was made slightly darker then lisa. ThisThis mouse was completely interchangeable unlike lisa.

Apple Desktop Bus Mouse - ADB (G5431/A9M0331)

This mouse was released with apple destop bus in year 1986, it retained the blocky footprint of its predecessor, but had a lower, triangular profile.

Apple Desktop Bus Mouse 2 - ADB2 (M2706)

ADB2 also known as tear-drop mouse, was essentially the same as its predecessor but with a new case subsequently held as the ideal shape of mice.It was included with all Macintosh desktop computers from 1993 until 1998. ADB2 was also the first mouse produced by Apple in black to match the Macintosh TV.

iMac mouse/USB mouse (M4848)

This was Apple's first USB mouse. It was released with the iMac in 1998 and included with all successive desktop Macs for the next two years.

Pro mouse(M5769)

A similar design to the ADB II mouse but monochromatic. It was Apple's first mouse with LED for fully solid-state optical tracking instead of a rubber ball.

Mighty mouse

This was Apple's first laser mouse. It had no button trackball for scroll and touch-pad like controls. This mouse was released in year 2005.

Magic mouse

This is the latest of all mouse from Apple released in on October 20, 2009. This mouse includes multi-touch gesture controls similar to those found on iPhone and MacBook's trackpads, wireless Bluetooth capabilities and laser-tracking.

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