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Execute .bin and .run file Ubuntu Linux

In order to execute .run and .bin file in Ubuntu, they needs to be marked as a executable type.

This can be achieved in two ways, through Terminal or using GUI ( Graphical User Interface)

Using GUI

Mark file as executable in Ubuntu

    1. Move .run/.bin files to your Home Dir.

    2. Select the file + Right Click -> Properties.

    3. Go to Permissions tab.

    4. Tick the Allow executing file as program radio box (next to Execute).

    5. Now, Click, Apply Permissions to Enclosed Files.

    6. Close the Property Window.

    Executing .Run/.Bin Files

    1. Double-Click the .run/.bin file.

    2. If noting happens, right click on the file and select Run in Terminal.

Using Terminal

1. Open Terminal

2. We need to change the file type (cmod) as executable

    chmod +x YourfileName.bin

3. Now execute the file


Note : If you get an error message like Permission Denied. Switch to the root user using sudo and run the file,

    sudo ./YourfileName.bin

Note : .bin and .run files are though easy to install but not so easy to remove, it depends on the developer who made it, so please do check the uninstallation procedure before install such files.

It is always advisable to download such files form a trusted source.

Some of such .bin or .run files may require root permissions to get them installed, as root access gives full access permissions to the file to your Operating system, which may lead to security issues.


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