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Convert SQL to CSV using Notepad++

SQL Script can be converted to CSV format using Notepad++ Editor using few simple steps using Find and Replace option. As no regular expressions are to be used, we can achieve this even with editors that do not have them.

Lets take a sample SQL script,

insert into my_sql_table (id,name,marks) values ('1','Joe','66');
insert into my_sql_table (id,name,marks) values ('2','Mark','45');
insert into my_sql_table (id,name,marks) values ('3','Steve','23');
insert into my_sql_table (id,name,marks) values ('4','Larry','57');
insert into my_sql_table (id,name,marks) values ('5','Smith','78');

Steps to Convert SQL Script to CSV Format

    Step 1 : Copy the fields values to a separate tab.

    Step 2 : Press Ctrl + F to open find and replace dialog, and move to replace tag, see to it that search mode is Normal. Now Find insert into my_sql_table (id,name,marks) values ( and replace with Blank.

    Find and Replace at start of query

    Step 3 : Now we need to find ); and replace with ;

    Find and Replace the EOL

    Step 4 : Now we have our CSV format almost ready, just copy the Step 1 : copied Table fields at the top of the file, the result is CSV.

    SQL now converted to CSV format

You can follow the similar steps for your SQL file and covert it to CSV easily.


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