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Chrome Browser affected with Popup ads and Toolbars

If you see lots of pop-up ads and embedded ads on pages you visit using Google Chrome browser then your PC is malware affected. How did you get these malware's ? Hmm ... You may have Downloaded some Application from the internet and while installation it may have unknowingly installed additional bundled programs like Toolbars, Ads or other Extensions.

Common issues faced when System Malware Affected.

    1. Default Search Engine being Changed to a Unknown one.
    2. Unknown website loads when you open Chrome Browser.
    3. Pop-ups are not getting blocked.
    4. Toolbars being added to the Browser.
    5. Browser runs slower then usual, even website loads relatively slow.

How to prevent from Malwares :

Firstly you must scan your system regularly with a good Anti-Malware (antivirus) software.

Uninstall all malicious programs from your Computer (through Add/Remove Programs)

Also, while installing any Software see to it that you deselect unwanted/untrusted/malicious addons like toolbars etc.

Removing Unknown Extensions :

Click Chrome Menu icon -> Settings

Under Extensions, Remove all extensions that are unknown and not needed.

Resetting Chrome Browser :

Once you have removed all malicious software's from your PC, you must reset your Chrome Browser Settings.

Note : Resetting will not affect/remove your bookmarks and saved passwords, but the default theme, start-up page and default search engine settings will be reset, Extensions will be turned off and Cookies and search data will be removed.

Click on Chrome Menu -> Settings -> Show advance settings

Find "Reset browser settings" and Click Reset browser settings


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