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How to Change or Set a new Password for your Wi-Fi Router

setting wifi router password

It is really important that you set a password to your Wi-fi router that is strong : at-least 8 characters long with 1 uppercase character, 1 special symbol like # $ % ^ & * , 1 numeric character. If you set a password that is really weak its vulnerable and can be easily cracked using brute force attack and your personal informations can be hacked.

If you do not set any password for your Wi-If then it can be accessed by any once who is in range of your Wi-Fi signal, your neighbours or any stranger who find it. It will not only steal your bandwidth but also my get you in trouble if then spam mail someone or something else of that kind.

Step 1. Put On your Router :

    Check that your Wi-Fi router is ON and all the lights indicators on your router are green/on.

Step 2 : Open Router configuration Page :

    Open your web browser and type the address of the router configuration page in the Address , it an IP address that depends upon which Brand of Router you have, (Linksys, Belkin) (D-Link) (Apple)

    If you do not remember the IP address you can find it in your Router manual or on the back side of your router. Still cant find it ? Follow these steps,

    1. Go to Command Prompt (Windows + R and type cmd)
    2. Type : ipconfig
    3. Now you look for the IP next to Default Gateway
    4. That is your router address.

Step 3 : Enter User-ID and Password :

    Now you may be prompted to enter a userid/password to get into the Configuration page. For some routers the default user-id as well as the password is admin, some routers like Belkin do not have a default user-id/password set.

    If you know the user-id or password then its good, else you can locate the reset button (or a hole) and reset your configuration (NOTE : YOU MAY LOOSE YOUR INTERNET SETTINGS!! THIS IS RECOMMENDED ONLY IF YOU REMEMBER YOUR INTERNET CONFIGURATIONS)

    enter your router ip address in browser address bar

    Note : It is highly recommend to set a login password as anyone can access this url if Wi-fi password is not set.

Step 4 : Go to Wireless Settings :

    These steps may vary depending upon what Router Brand you have, if you have a D-Link router then,

    1. Go to Wireless
    2. Select Wireless Security
    3. Security Mode : Select WPA2 Only (don't use other options WEP, Auto, WPA etc)
    4. Now set a Strong Pre-Shared Key this is your Wi-Fi Password.
    5. Apply Changes.

    Select Wireless security

    Select Security mode WPA2 Only

    Enter a strong Pre Shared Key

    You Router may reboot, try connecting you devices with the changed password and your done!!

Why use WEP2 Security Protocols :

1. WEP : Wired Equivalent Privacy
    This is a wireless security Algorithm based on 802.11 standards. You should not use WPA as it has been suspend by IEEE in year 2004 as it has some serious weaknesses.

2. WPA : Wi-Fi Protected Access
    WPA was introduced to overcome the limitations of WEP. It implements the IEEE 802.11i standards. It uses 40-bit or 104-bit encryption key.

3. WPA2
    It replaced WPA and has a much more strong security measure as compared to WPA. IT is based on AES based encryption.


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