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After successful launch of Android One Smart-phone to countries like India, Bangladesh and Nepal, Google has announced to make Android One Phones accessible to people in Indonesia in by end of this month. The phone will be available via brands like Evercoss, Mito and Nexian. Google has added to its Asia Pacific blog that, the high quality smartphone will be available at a cost less then 1.5 million rupiah (approx $120)

Android One is a global initiative by Google to help people around the world to afford smartphones in a very reasonably low cost.

The Phone will run on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system. As Lollipop OS has enhanced battery saving optimisation these phone will have better battery life. Its surely a best buy as you get the new Material design with enhanced graphics and overall smooth performance. Integrated features to conserve Internet data usage will help to keep a check in consumption.

The phone will have hardware features like frond and back cameras, Duel SIM slots, FM Radio, MicroSD Card slot. These phones will also get all the latest Android OS updates for coming two years. Users are requires the use of a SIM card Telkomsel.

The Blogs Caesar Sengupta (Google Vice President of Product Management) says "we’re also working to reduce data costs for people in Indonesia. Our data compression feature on Android One’s Chrome browser helps compress the amount of data flowing between the phone and the Internet. And Indonesia is one of the first countries where YouTube users can take videos offline to watch later during periods of low or no Internet connectivity. In conjunction with the launch, mobile service provider Telkomsel is offering to reduce data costs for those who buy Android One phones with a promotion that provides free over-the-air (OTA) updates and 200MB per month worth of app downloads from Google Play for the first six months."

Check out the official Page :


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