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35 Plus Free Public Domain Stock Images Websites CC0

If you are working on some project that needs some images for illustration, then you have to make sure that if you are picking such images from the web,they are under Creative commons licence. Here are some 35 websites where you may get good stock images to pick from,

1. Flickr :

    Flickr offers their users to upload images under creative common and all rights reserved labels. To Search public domain images, when you search for a particular image on Flickr see to it that you filter the results as Commercial use allowed.

    Flickr is the most famous among bloggers.
    Flickr Public Domain (Commercial use allowed) Images

2. Publicdomainarchive :

    This is a wonderful place to find high quality public domain Creative Commons Zero (CCO) images by Matt Hobbs a web designer and Photographer. This site really contains some amazing images that bloggers may love to use on their post and its royalty free. Follow them on Google Plus get updates. Publicdomainarchive

Some Images from Publicdomainarchive :

Public Domain Archive images CC0

Some Public Domain Images CC0

3. now Freeimages :

    This is a very popular royalty free stock images website, it contains more then 350,000 quality photos shared by over 30,000 photographers. May it be wallpapers for you desktop, or an illustration for you blog or for web-design, well you can get it here.

    Note : As iStockphoto owned and iStockphoto being brought by Getty Images, it has been renamed as, thought the terms of use remains the same.
freeimages royalty free stock images website

4. Unsplash :

    This site has many hi-resolution free photos under CC0. You can use it for any purpose. If you subscribe them, they will sent you 10 new photos every day as email.

Unsplash free hi resolution photos

Unsplash free hi resolution photos CC0

5. Wikipedia Commons :

    Wikipedia contains images that are freely distributed. It is undoubtedly the largest collection of images in public domain over 21 million (as May of 2014). This is the only place where you can find images from all over the world and on any specific topic.

Wikipedia Commons

Wikipedia commons Images

6. Google LIFE :

    Contains millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive from the 1750s to today which can be used for personal and non-commercial use. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE (Time Warner, Inc) and Google.
    Google Life achrive images

    Add source:life to your Google image search query to search such images.

7. Bing :

    You can find Public domain images using Microsoft Bing.Enter your search term in Bing Images and select use term as "license" menu to select public domain images.

8. Imageafter

    Large collection of free photo collection. You can download and use any images or texture from imageafter and use it in your own work, either personal or commercial

9. British Library :

    This library contains over One Million images from the 17th, 18th and the 19th Century books. These images were realesed by The British Library in public domain ( they have uploaded the images on flickr Commons).
    Images from British Library

    If you are looking for images from the 17th, 18th and 19th century.
    The Manifests of the public domain images uploaded to Flickr Commons by British Library, with descriptive information about the books they were taken from can be found on GitHub (

The Public Domain

10. Pixabay :

    It has over 130,000 publi domain images all under Creative Commons Zero CC0. The site offers Photos as well as cliparts and vectors.
    Pixabay Images

    Photos Pixabay Images CC0

    Pixabay has well catagorized sections for images like, Architecture, Backgrounds, Buildings, Beauty/Fashion, Computer/Communication, Emotions,Holidays,Travel/Vacation,Transportation/Traffic,Nature/Landscapes,Sports Places/Monuments,Textures,Industry/Craft,Business/Finance Religion,People,Music,Food/Drink and Education.

11. Public C Photo :

    Has over 26,000 public domain photos in 2622 published galleries. Images are free for public and private use (CC0). The images are upto 4752 x 3168px.


12. PD Photo

    Contains thousands of royalty free pictures. They have loads of categories to chose from.

PD Photos

13. Morgue File :

    The site has over 300,000 free images that can be used in both personal and commercial projects.No attribution needed.

14. Photos-public-domain : http://photos-public-domain

    They contain thousands of high quality free public domain photographs. These photos can be used without any restrictions. Categories : Animals, nature, textures and other stock images that can be used commercially.


15. :

    As the name suggests, this site contains houndeds and thousands of vintage images graphics, ephemera and vintage ads that are now in public domain. All images are free for commercial use. public domain images

16. :

    Contains over a Million of Free Photos.

17. Photo Pin :

    Using Photo Pin you can find photos on Flickr that are available under the Creative Commons license.
    Sunsets Mountains Beaches, Snow & Ice , Oceans & Islands, Geologic Formations,Aerial Views, Swamps & Wetlands, Rivers & Lakes, Other Landscapes, Animals, Mammals Birds, Insects Fish Amphibians, Reptiles, Black & White, Food, Tech , Reaction, Uncategorised, Pollution, Buildings and more ...

18. Picdrome :

    Fast growing Public domain images with no copyright ie. CC0 1.0 Public domain dedicated images.

19. 4 Free Photos :

    4FreePhotos are a group of photographers who enjoy taking pictures and decided to share them with the public to use them for free in their private or commercial projects. Categories : Abstract,Architecture,Business,Food,Industrial,Interiors,Nature,Science,Sports and Recreation,Transportation,Travel,Textures and more ...

20. Picjumbo :

    Brings you a large collection of high quality images for free for commercial and personal work.

21. :

    PDPics is a repository of free public domain pictures. All images are clicked by inhouse photographers. They have about 7500 hi-resolution pictures 6000 x 4000 px. All images are under CC0. Catagories that they offer : Latest Pictures, Animals, Birds, Vehicles, Landscape, Objects, Jewellery, Food, Money, Technology, Sports, Nature, Art, Architecture, Holidays, Emoticons.

PD Photos

22. Publicdomainfiles :

They have thousands of Public Domain files i.e images, cliparts , videos etc available for you to download and use, completely free of charge. They aim to build the largest collection of available files from all over the web, consolidated into one fast, easy to search archive.
Public domain files

23. PD Posters :

    Large catalog of public domain and vintage art poster. Free to download and reuse including commercial use. Download Public Domain Poster from categories and reuse them anywhere. PD Posters daily update their blog with at 10 Public domain images.

24. :

    Republicdomain is a source for original and unique desktop wallpapers and free stock photos, Free High Resolution Desktop Wallpapers for Widescreen, Fullscreen. You can download free high quality wallpapers and photos for your personal and non-commercial use.

    Catagories : Abstract Art, Animals, Animated, Creative, Digital Graphics, Flowers, Holidays, Landscapes, Miscellaneous, Photography, Planets, Seasonal, Sports, Sunsets, Uncategorized, Vector Designs, Waterscapes.

25. :

    Has a loarge collection of public domain Images.

26. :

    Contains large collection of easily searchable images in Public domain. These images can be directly used in openoffice projects.

27. :

    This site contains 100% free public domain images. This site has a blogger template and images are shared as blog posts.

28. Free Photos :

    It is a website sharing photos from personal collections. The photos are not taken by professional photographers but hopefully some of you will find them useful.

29. :

    Public domain archival stock footage and newsreels.

Public Domain Footage

30. :

    This is a blog by Open Knowledge Foundation that share public domain contents.

 Public Domain Reviews

31. Freetems :

    Freetems is a source of public domain cc0 content like images, graphics, music, videos, ebooks, audiobooks, software etc that can be used commercially. You can use them freely without attribution, you can create derivative work of any kind.


    Contains a large collection of Public Domain , GNU and CC photos and Clipart.

33. Goodfreephotos :

    Goodfreephotos contains thousands of unique and free public domain stock photos. All photos here are released under public domain

34. My Public Domain Pictures :

    Large collection of amateur macro images released into public domain. You can use their pictures for any purpose and they do not require anything in return. Their collection includes travel pictures, pictures of animals and plants, background designs and many more being added everyday. They also include a collection of high resolution public domain pictures segregated according to topics including etchings of public domain pictures.

35. Painteresqued :

    Painteresqued contains a large collection of software edited pictures released in public domain.


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