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Image Resize lets you resize your .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp and .png image types to the specified witdh and height in px : pixels. It is based on JavaScript thus the processing is fast and happens on the client side (at the browser end), so no data is send to the server, hence quite secure.

Steps to Resize your Image file :

  1. Set the width and the height value in px that you want for the image that has to be resized (default values are set to 240px).
  2. Select the output file extension you want (two options available : .jpeg or .png which is set as default)
  3. Now drop your image file in the drop-box section, you can also click on the drop-box to open Choose a file option if you want to select the image from a particular location.
  4. You would now see the image resized with the ratio that you had specified.
  5. Right Click on the Image and Select "Save as Image.." option (Chrome)

Note : The image conversion quality is lossless, though if you convert a low resolution image to higher dimentions the result will be pixerated

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