What to expect from Apple WWDC in June 2015

Posted on : Tue, 2nd Jun 15 10:58 am UTC
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The annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held between June 8–12 2015 in San Francisco, California by Apple.
As always, the conference will begin with a keynote on the first day which is June 8 where Apple will make all its major announcements which will be covered in detail on subsequent days throughout the week. The keynote will be streamed live.

This year's WWDC keynote event is expected to be an interesting and exciting one, and we can expect Apple to bring in some major announcements.
Here are some expected announcements -

  1. iOS 9
  2. OS X 11
  3. New streaming music service
  4. Subscription television service
  5. Revamped version of iTunes Radio
  6. Enhanced and updated Apple TV set-top box
  7. Additionaal features and updates to Apple Pay
  8. Updates to HomeKit
We will be adding more details on each announcement when the WWDC event commences, stay tuned.

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