Transfer files between Android and Mac OS X using usb cable

Posted on : Fri, 16th Oct 15 12:18 pm UTC
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If you want to transfer photos, music and other files from your Android mobile to your Mac OS X based Operating system device (iMac, Mac Mini, MacBooks) using USB cable then you need to download and install Android File Transfer on your system.

Steps to Transfer Files to Mac :

  1. Download Android File Transfer :
  2. Connect your Android Phone to your Mac.
  3. Do make sure that your device screen is unlocked.
  4. You will be asked to Connect to USB select Media device (MTP)
  5. Android File Transfer app should pop-up, now you can drag drop files between your mobile device and Computer.
Note : Once you are done transferring files you can eject the device by going to Finder -> Device -> Eject your device.
Eject Android device Mac OS X

Eject Android device Mac OS X

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