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Posted on : Tue, 9th Jun 15 06:57 am UTC
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Apple Watch - watchOS 2

Apple WWDC 2015 announced the new features of the "Apple Watch" and new enhancements with watchOS 2. Developer beta of watchOS 2 available now, and the wide release will be in the fall for free.

Here is a list of some cool new features -

  1. New Faces - You can now set a photo on your watch screen wallpaper, or for that matter even an entire photo album to see a new picture every time on your watch. New time-lapse animation of major cities keyed to your local time, changes based on time.
  2. New Complications - Now App developers can now make their own complications for anything other than time which is displayed on the watch. This could be showing off flight times, car charge, home status, sports scores, appointments and much more.
  3. Time Travel - Scroll (spin the digital crown) to go forward/backward in time and watch the complications update based on time. Something like upcoming appointments, meeting schedule.
  4. Nightstand mode - Shows time while charging, flip it and still see the time as the clock rotates 90 degrees to make it easier to read. Watch will wake you up with an alarm as the clock changes color and pulses.
  5. Add friends - Add a friend to the digital screen from friends screen. Sort the list of contacts on your watch into groups, have different groups for friends, family, and work contacts. Use multiple colors in digital touch drawing.
  6. Reply to Mail - Reply to emails directly from the watch face with complete new interaction feature for emails. Instantly delete emails from the watch as well.
  7. FaceTime audio Calls - FaceTime Audio calls is now a supported by watchOS 2. Watch will show an option to answer call when you receive a call over the native VoIP service. Is video calling in the list for future versions ?, lets wait and watch.
  8. Maps and Transit - Now maps on watch will support Transit directions as well. Watch will guide you by tapping your wrist. Siri will help with directions when you initiate new directions through watch.
  9. Change Settings - With the help of crown, supporting apps can adjust settings by twisting the digital crown. You can adjust the interior temperature of your car parked downstairs in the garage, by spinning the crown.
  10. Apple pay - Apple Pay will support store and loyalty cards on the watch as well.
  11. Fitness apps - Fitness apps can now run natively and contribute to activity goals. Siri can now start workouts. You can access HealthKit right on the watch, including real-time heart rate. Share achievements with friends.
  12. Homekit - Homekit is native on watch, Siri can now control HomeKit from the watch so you can control lights and things.
  13. For Developers - Developers can access the digital crown to control custom UI elements, access the accelerometer directly, access the Taptic Engine including sounds, access the microphone right on the watch, and play audio out of the speaker

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