Too Big to Block : Allow & Block Ads General Categories Adsense

Posted on : Wed, 14th Oct 15 08:45 am UTC
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If you are trying to block a particular General Categories Ads in your Google's AdSense Account "Too big to Block" then it means that you have reached the allowed blocking limit in categories i.e. 50 and the category you are tying to block have more sub-categories then the amount you can block.

If you just hover your mouse over the ? (question mark) you see next to any : "Too big to Block" you will see the below text :

This category is too big to block
The limit on blocked categories is 50. This means that you are unable to block this category because the sum of sub-categories, when added to categories that you have already blocked, would be greater than 50. You can either block specific sub-categories, or unblock other categories.

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