Static IP MTNL available at Rs. 200 per month

Posted on : Fri, 16th Oct 15 11:22 am UTC
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To host a Personal/Business Website, FTP Server, CCTV monitoring, X-Box, Play Station, Counter Strike servers e.t.c. on your Computer you need to have a Static IP. By default your broadband plan has a Dynamic IP i.e. your device assigned IP address keeps changing when you connect to network.

MTNL Static IP ad

MTNL Static IP ad

- For a Single IP : Rs.200/month or at Rs.2000/year.
- For a Pool of 4 Static IP : Static IP for Rs.1000/month or at Rs.10000/year.
MTNL Official Static IP Changes List

If you are an MTNL user you must have seen pop over ads on your web browser "Get Static IP Address on MTNL Broadband at just Rs.200 per month."

Existing Broadband Customers Call 1500.

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