[Solved] SharePoint Access Denied error editing Document Name

Posted on : Fri, 26th Jun 15 11:28 am (Updated on : Fri, 26th Jun 15 11:28 am) UTC
Author : Code2care
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Here is a strange issue (for the users, but not really) where a user having Edit permissions on a particular document receives an error 'Access Denied' when editing the Name site column/field of the document (the Name column value is automatically captured from the document name).
Strange because the user actually has required document edit permissions but still cannot edit. In a SharePoint list there is a setting to allow users to delete only their owned items, but there is no such settings for document library.


Resolution - did the 'DELETE permissions' go missing ?

Interestingly, SharePoint requires Add, Edit and Delete permissions for a user to edit the document Name in the document library. Editing the Name value will fail if any of the three permissions are missing.
So make sure the user has delete permissions in order to modify the document name.

This could happen in following common cases (assuming Edit permissions are granted) -

  1. If you are using custom permission policy levels and un-checked the 'Delete Items' permissions.
  2. If you modified existing permission policy levels and removed 'Delete Items' permissions.
  3. Something wrong with Edit permissions.

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