SharePoint List redirect user after submitting form NewForm.aspx

Posted on : Fri, 16th Oct 15 11:49 am UTC
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Consider a SharePoint Out Of The Box list (or even custom list for that matter).

Users are always redirected to the default list view (AllItems.aspx) after clicking a button on the form (Save, Cancel, Close) -

  1. Create List Item (NewForm.aspx) - Clicking Save or Cancel button redirect to default list view.
  2. Edit List Item (EditForm.aspx) - Clicking Save or Cancel button redirect to default list view.
  3. Access List Item (DispForm.aspx) - Clicking Close button redirect to default list view.

How to redirect to a different page

What if you want to redirect the users to a different page, like Home page.
Append a query string parameter/attribute Source=[redirection link] to the URL, this will navigate the user to specified page.

This is how you do for redirecting to the Home page (/)




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