Redownload purchased songs on iTunes for iOS devices

Posted on : Mon, 3rd Aug 15 07:28 am UTC
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If you had purchased songs over iTunes on your Computer or over iTunes on iOS devices like iPod, iPad or iPhone, and you have somehow deleted them (maybe due to factory resetting the device) then you can get them back using the following steps,

  1. Goto iTunes Application
  2. Goto Store
  3. Select Music tab option in the Sidebar
  4. Now click on View in the Menu Bar.
  5. Now you should be able to see the dropdown menu, select Show Music in the Cloud
  6. Here you should be able to see all the songs, albums and videos that you have purchased.
  7. Tap on them to get it downloaded on you device.


All apps and music purchases you have done is saved in Cloud so can be re-downloaded :)

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