Obsolete marquee element alternatives html5

Posted on : Tue, 6th Oct 15 02:16 pm UTC
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The most fun element <marquee> is now been deprecated, rather being obsolete, though it still works with most browsers but highly recommended not to use them with HTML5. But we do still need the scroll effect, don't we? at some point of time a user may ask for such implementation e.g. News Feeds

Marquee is dead! Don't use it!

CSS animations are the alternatives available for generating effects like marquee in Html page.

Either you can create your own animation like marquee or go for jQuery plugins available online. Lets have a look at few options available.

  1. jQuery-Marquee with CSS3 Support :

    This is a 4.8kb jQuery plugin that lets you scroll text like marquee.

  2. The Silky Smooth Marquee :

    Demo page of this plugin : demo

  3. Marquee-Slide :

    jQuery-based multifunctional seamless rolling plug, can do functions like automatically scroll, automatically scroll with intervals, speed adjustments, Horizontal / vertical scrolling, forward / backward and up / down scrolling, pasue and resume options, previous/ next option.

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