Maven Eclipse (M2e) No archetypes currently available

Posted on : Tue, 16th Aug 16 09:00 am (Updated on : Tue, 16th Aug 16 09:00 am) UTC
Author : Code2care
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While trying to create a New Maven Project in Eclipse IDE, you see the below error message when you choose Catalog Nexus Indexer,

"No archetypes currently available. The archetype list will refresh when the indexes finish updating."

Solution :
  1. Go to Menu: Eclipse -> Properties -> Maven -> Archetypes
  2. Click on Add Remote Catalog...
  3. Now add the following URL to Catalog File field:
  4. Add description: archetype catalog
  5. Solution Eclipse Maven No archetypes currently available

  6. Click on verify (may take some time), once the verification is done you may see an information displayed "Found XXXXXX archetype(s)"
  7. Click OK and Apply.
  8. Now when you create a new Maven Project, select the Catalog as archetype catalog that we just added.


Note:You may still see the error message (if you do not verify as stated in step-5), but this time the list will get refreshed and once the indexes are updated you can choose your project type (Group id, Artifact id and Version)

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