[Mac] To open Eclipse you need to install the legacy java se 6 runtime

Posted on : Mon, 24th Oct 16 09:12 am (Updated on : Mon, 24th Oct 16 09:12 am) UTC
Author : Code2care
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I recently upgraded my Mac Computer from version 10.10 Yosemite to 10.11 EL Capitan, trying to Open eclipse gave me the following error,

To open "Eclipse" you need to install the legacy java 6 runtime. Click "More info.." to visit the legacy Java 6 download website.

I already had java 8 version installed on my system and did not wanted to use Java 1.6. There are various ways you can fix this issue, loads of troubleshooting steps available on StackExchange apple and stackoverflow forums, one of them is to edit the plist file of eclipse, but the simplest way is to download Java 8 for Mac from website and install it again,

  1. Click on Eclipse launch icon,
  2. You will be prompted with the Error with option "More Info..", Click on it, will lead you to
  3. Click on Download button and Install the javaforosx.dmg
  4. Now try and open eclipse you should not get any errors!!

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