JavaScript : Get url protocol HTTP, HTTPS, FILE or FTP

Posted on : Tue, 28th Apr 15 11:38 am GMT

In order to know the network protocol (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, SSH, FILE e.t.c) of the current page we can make use of the window.location.protocol objet in Javascript,

var urlProtocol = window.location.protocol;

File : pageProtocol.html Language : HTML
<title>Get current page Protocol using JavaScript</title>
<body onload="getCurrentPageProtocol()">

<div id="pageDetails"></div>

function getCurrentPageProtocol() {
    var currPageURL = window.location.protocol;
    document.getElementById("pageDetails").innerHTML = "<strong>Current Page Protocol : </strong>" + currPageURL;



Javascript : Get Page protocol

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