How to update Android Studio 1.2.x to 1.3 Preview

Posted on : Fri, 29th May 15 12:35 pm UTC
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Android Studio Preview 1.3 Canary version was introduced in Google IO 2015 event for developers yesterday to get started with Android M Preview. New features for Android NDK tools and Game developers (C/C++) have been added to the new IDE.

Update Android Studio

Update Android Studio to 1.3 Preview

If you already have Android have Android Studio installed (1.2.x.x) and want to get it updated to the new preview version then you must follow the below steps.

  1. Open Android Studio
  2. On the Welcome to Android Studio Window : Click on Check for Updates, you may see ,

    You already have the latest version of Android Studio installed.

    To configure automated update settings, see Updates dialog of your IDE Preferences.

    Just click on Update link and you should get a Update Dialog.
  3. Now just see the Option in the dropdown next to "Automatically check updates for : " and select Canary Channel (as the current version is a Preview and unstable yet)
  4. Click OK and Apply!
  5. Now again Click on "Check for updates" and you should be able to download the 1.3 preview update.

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