How to Save Eclipse console logs in external log file

Posted on : Sat, 7th May 16 02:06 pm UTC
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While debugging an application in Eclipse you might have noticed that important logs are lost from the console as its buffer size is reached. One of the way you can get them is by redirecting them to an external text file,

How to redirect Eclipse console logs to external file

  1. Go-to Eclipse Menu : Run -> Run Configuration.
  2. Go-to Common tab.
  3. Under Standard Input and Output : Select Output file checkbox, enter log file name and path where you want logs to be redirected.
  4. Apply changes and run your application.
  5. You would notice that console logs are redirected to the external file as stated in the first console line : [Console output redirected to file:/Users/code2care/Desktop/eclipseLogs.log]
Redirect Eclipse Console Logs to external file

Redirect Eclipse Console Logs to external file

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