How to Officially Install Android M Preview on your Nexus device

Posted on : Fri, 29th May 15 09:20 am GMT

Android M Preview was released at Google's IO developers event held on 28th May, 2015 at San Francisco along with some cool new features like Now on Tap , App Permissions, App Links and more, if you are an Android developer and have an Nexus device you can get Android M preview by getting it installed on your device officially. You can get hands on to the new things and start developing apps before its finally rolled out to users!

Google has released Hardware System Images form Nexus devices that can be installed on the physical devices for testing, thus do note that it may be buggy and can have defects and can damage your device, so here is a warning that comes along with it!

Warning: The following Android system images are previews and are subject to change. Your use of these system images is governed by the Android SDK Preview License Agreement. The Android preview system images are not stable releases, and may contain errors and defects that can result in damage to your computer systems, devices, and data. The preview Android system images are not subject to the same testing as the factory OS and can cause your phone and installed services and applications to stop working.

Images available for Images :

  1. Nexus 5 (GSM/LTE) : hammerhead
  2. Nexus 6 : shamu
  3. Nexus 9 : volantis
  4. Nexus Player : fugu


    How to get Image Installed on your Nexus Device :

  1. Download the image for your device from :
  2. Make sure you backup all data from your device
  3. Follow the flash instructions for your device : Flashing Instructions
  4. Once you have flashed a development device the preview system image, it is upgraded automatically with the next preview release through over-the-air (OTA) updates.

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