How to copy Chrome alert popup text to clipboard

Posted on : Mon, 21st Sep 15 11:13 am (Updated on : Mon, 21st Sep 15 11:13 am) UTC
Author : Code2care
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Many a time you get some error messages or some important information displayed as JavaScript alert pop ups on a web application or a web page, if you are using Google's Chrome Web browser and wondering if is it possible to copy the text to clipboard then YES! it's possible,

  1. On Mac OS X :

    When an Alert Popup is displayed, simply click on its text context, you would see that the cursor is now a Text cursor and the text can be selected! and copied either by Right click -> Copy or Mac Control Button + C
  2. On Windows XP/7/8/10 :

    You will not be able to select the text displayed on the alert box, but just do a Ctrl + C when its displayed, the text will be copied to Clipboard.

Hope someone finds it helpful!

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