Facebook set to launch real time breaking news app Notify like Twitter

Posted on : Fri, 16th Oct 15 02:25 pm UTC
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Twitter and Moments

Today Twitter is the most loved and preferable app for any latest or breaking news. Recently Twitter launched Moments which allows users to organize tweets based on areas or sections like Technology, Sports, News, etc.

News on Social Media

Social Media is a fast growing platform for any real time news, where user posts, feeds, sharing and interactions builds up content and turns out to be the fastest way for spreading news. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter are some major players here.
One problem user face here is navigating between multiple apps for various kind of news based on interest and requirement.

Facebook's new app - Notify

Facebook is planning to release its own app called Notify which will be directed at real-time news distribution and sharing. This is expected to launch by end of October 2015.
Users can subscribe to Facebook stations via the app and receive push notifications whenever there is anything new published.

The new Notify app will be well integrated with the existing Facebook app and an edge for Facebook since users will not need to navigate between multiple apps and especially news related apps. Users can expect to get everything they need in a single integrated app.

It will be interesting to see how Facebook manages to compete with already established Twitter for real time news.

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