Copy file from one directory to other in Php

Posted on : Wed, 26th Aug 15 12:28 pm (Updated on : Wed, 26th Aug 15 12:28 pm) UTC
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In order to Copy a file from one directory to another using PHP we can make use of copy() function,

Syntax for Copy Function in PHP Language : PHP
bool copy ( string $srcLocation , string $dest [, resource $context ] )

The first parameter to copy function is the source location of the file, second parameter is the destination location.

Note : the third parameter is an $context is an optional parameter if you are passing it, it has to be a valid context resource created with stream_context_create() function,

Lets have a look at an example,

File : copyFiles.php Language : PHP

$srcFileName = 'fileA.php';
$copyFileName = 'fileACopy.php';

if (!copy($srcFileName, $copyFileName)) {
    echo "Error occurred while copying file";

Note : If the destination file already exists then the contents of the file will be overwritten.


copy() error: Permission denied : If you are getting such kind of error while trying to execute the copy function that make sure that you have provided the complete path with file Name for both the source and the destination folder. If you only provide the path for the destination folder you will get the error!!.

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