Apple WWDC 2015 live keynote announcement release

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Apple's WWDC 2015 announcements -


iOS 10 with new name - OS X El Capitan.
Pin sites in Safari just by dragging the tabs to the left. Click link from a pinned site, to open in new tab.
Mute and find audio playing on a tab by clicking speaker icon in the address bar.
Resize Spotlight panel and move it around.
Natural-language search. Example - type in "mail I ignored from Phil" to bring in emails.
Auto arrange of windows by dragging to the side of the window.
1.4X time faster than Yosemite. 40% rendering efficiency. 10x improvement in draw call performance.
Metal which was launched last year is in more focus than OpenGL.
El Capitan is available to developers right away, public beta in July, out for free in the fall.
All information is anonymous, and on user device.
Make checklists in notes, and add photos right from the app. You can also draw and sketch inside of notes. Add a link to notes right from the share sheet.
Maps now include Transit directions. Tap on a station and you can see all the lines that run through it, with multi-modal routing so you can switch from trains to buses.
Maps - Transit will be coming to selected cities soon.
Location cards in Maps now show whether the merchants support Apple Pay.
New application called News which understand what you like and shows choices and creates personalized feeds. Bookmark to read later. Explore tab, with suggested publications and topics. News will be coming to US, UK, and Australia.
Photo mosaics with picture gallery.
iOS 9 has a switch for "low power mode." "It pulls switches you didn't even know existed." Give you up to an additional three hours of battery life.
Low power mode will give you three extra hours of worrying that your battery is about to shut off.
Reduced amount of free space you need to get iOS 9 from 4.6gb to 1.8gb.
New technology "App thinning" helps get your apps swimsuit-ready.
New kits.
HomeKit now supports window shades, motion sensors, security systems, and remote access via iCloud.
CarPlay now supports apps by the automaker so it can control things in your car without switching interfaces. Works wirelessly.
Swift 2 which will be open source.

Improved Siri and Search

Improved and Proactive Siri.
Say "remind me about so and so".
Siri knows what you like to do at certain times - can start playing music when you plug in headphones, or cue up an audiobook when you get in the car.
Calendar can now give you time to leave reminders based on traffic.
Mail can look in your email and suggest Caller ID for unknown numbers.
Suggested apps.
Siri and Spotlight better integrated - can suggest things you might want to do or people you might want to contact based on your email and calendar when you pull down the Spotlight shade.
New API for search. When user performs a search, can find content behind the apps they have on their device, and tap to be deep-linked into the app.
Mail on the phone gets an invite and automatically adds it to the calendar without opening the email.

Apple Pay

Square will launch a gorgeous new reader that supports Apple Pay this fall.
Coming to UK in July 2015. British brands are supporting Apple Pay. Will work on the London transportation system.
Pinterest will launch "buyable pins" letting you buy things from Nieman Marcus and Macy's using Apple Pay later this month.
You can add store and rewards cards. Kohl's, Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts all in the mix.
Passbook will now be called "WALLET".


Shortcuts to the keyboard suggestion bar for cut, copy, paste, attachments, etc.
You can put two fingers down on the keyboard and it becomes a trackpad to move the cursor around.
Multiple apps. New keyboard gestures.
Multitasking. Switching to another app switches the video to picture-in-picture.
Double tap on the home button to show the new task switcher.
SlideOver: swipe in from the side to bring in another app.
Pull down from the top to bring in other applications. Both apps are active at the same time; you can scroll them both at the same time.
You can drag and drop between apps, and four finger swipes still switch apps in each zone.
Screen can now be 50/50 or 70/30.
SplitView only available on the iPad Air 2. SlideOver and PiP available on iPad Air and up.

Swift 2

Swift will be Open source.
Compiler and standard libraries for iOS, OS X, and Linux will be out by end of year.
Developer beta today, and it will support all the devices supported by iOS 8, no drop off.
Public Beta for iOS 9 in July, that's a first. Free final upgrade in fall.

watchOS 2

New watch faces: Photo Album face, Time-Lapse face.
24-hour timelapse shoots at different places, keyed to your local time.
App developers can now make their own complications. Showing off flight times, car charge, home status, sports scores, and more.
Time Travel - scroll forward in time and watch the complications update.
Nightstand mode - have it show the time while you're charging, and there's an alarm clock feature.
Alarm clocks.
Add a friend to the Digital Touch screen from the friends screen. You can use multiple colors in Digital Touch drawings.
Reply to email from your watch. FaceTime Audio calls.
Fitness apps can run natively and contribute to activity goals. Siri can now start workouts. Share achievements with friends.
Apple Pay will support store and loyalty cards on the Watch as well.
Maps on the Watch will support transit directions as well. Siri can help with directions.
Homekit is native on watch. Siri can now control HomeKit from the watch, so you can control lights and things. Siri can now show you glances, so you can say "show me the Instagram glance," even if it's not installed.
Devs can now access the microphone right on the watch, and play audio out of the speaker.
Play short form video right non the watch face. You can access HealthKit right on the watch, including real-time heart rate.
Devs can access the accelerometer directly. Also access the Taptic Engine, including sounds.
Devs can access the Digital Crown to control custom UI elements, which should be super fascinating to see.
Photos watch face wallpaper.
Rotate the crown to move forward in time, updated complications. Control car temperature via watch. Reply to emails.
Developer beta of watchOS 2 available today, wide release in the fall for free.

Apple Music

One single app on iPhone.
Beat One - first ever 24/7 worldwide live radio station.
Plays music not based on research, not based on genre, not based on drumbeats, just music that is great and feels great.
Beats Connect - it lets unsigned artists connect with fans.
"For You" - personalized playlists and albums you might like. It isn't just algorithms, it's recommendations made by our team of experts.
New simplified UI.
New mini player at bottom of screen which shows what is playing. Tap to expand.
Easy re-organizing of songs in playlist.
New bubbles for selections.
Get behind the scenes and in-process unreleased work from artists.
Ask Siri to play songs and it does. Just say "play so and so".
Launching June 30th in 100 countries with Android this fall.
$9.99 per month, free for 3 months. $14.99 for up to six family members.


55 percent of active Mac users using Yosemite, the fastest adoption rate of any desktop OS ever.
Apple Pay is so easy to use in app that developers are seeing more than two times increases in checkout rates.
5 billion user requests per week. 3.5x higher usage on iOS than the next leading mapping app.
The App Store has passed 100 billion app downloads. Paid out $30 billion to developers.

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