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Posted on : Tue, 8th Sep 15 01:02 pm (Updated on : Tue, 8th Sep 15 01:02 pm) UTC
Author : Code2care
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Siri enhancements

Apple revealed new set of updates to Siri in WWDC 2015. The new Siri is now much Improved, Smart, Proactive and Intelligent.
Here is a list of all the new features of Siri -

  1. Context-aware and Proactive - Siri is now context-aware and proactively gives suggestions before you ask. For example a voice command "find photos from Utah last August" will allow Siri to surface and bring up the relevant images from your device.

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  3. Smart assistant - Say "remind me about so and so" and Siri will remind you about it later. Siri becomes a smart assistant interpreting natural language into commands. Calendar can now give you time to leave reminders based on traffic.
  4. Proactive assistant - Analyzes information about your daily habits, taking into account your location, the time of day, the app you are viewing, and what other devices you have connected, using this Siri can better anticipate your next move. For example, when you plug in your headphones, your iPhone will launch your music app and display your most recently listened track right on your lock screen or cue up an audiobook when you get in the car.
  5. Mail suggestions - Siri can look in your email and suggest Caller ID for unknown numbers. Siri can also take event invites you receive in Mail and automatically creates events in Calendar.
  6. Native apps information - Siri takes into consideration information your from native apps. For example, when you receive a phone call from an unknown number, Siri will go through your Mail and Contacts to try to decipher who might be dialing you on the other end.
  7. App suggestions - Siri can suggest apps based on your choices and usage.
  8. Spotlight integrated - Siri and Spotlight better integrated now, Siri can suggest things you might want to do or people you might want to contact based on your email and calendar when you pull down the Spotlight shade.

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