Apple Music streaming service free trial ends today, subscription starts

Posted on : Wed, 17th Aug 16 12:55 pm (Updated on : Wed, 17th Aug 16 12:55 pm) UTC
Author : Code2care
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Apple Music

3 months ago in June 2015, Apple Music was launched by Apple Inc which is a music streaming service. The service was launched on June 30 for a free 90 days trial for iTunes on iOS, OS X and Windows.
Apple Music supports Beats 1, Beats Connect, personalized playlists 'For you', Music app and MiniPlayer.
It is priced at $9.99 per month (free for 3 months) and $14.99 family plan for up to six family members.

Apple Music had 11 million trial users after the initial 60 days and now the number must be much higher.

Subscription ends today for early birds

If you signed up for Apple Pay on the very first day, the free trial for the streaming service ends today.
If you wish you continue the service, shell out $9.99 monthly to enjoy a huge collection.
And if you have not completed the free 90 days trial yet, enjoy the remaining period.

Other competitors

There are other players in market like Google Play Music and Spotify who are well established and giving a tough competition to Apple Inc.

Will be interesting to see the count of users who subscribe and continue with Apple Music, the result will be out in 3 months time.

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