Apple Music streaming service features MiniPlayer

Posted on : Tue, 9th Jun 15 08:55 am UTC
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Apple Music - streaming service

Apple announced the much-anticipated and much-awaited music streaming service "Apple Music" in WWDC 2015.
As they mentioned, it plays music not based on research, not based on genre, not based on drumbeats - just music that is great and feels great.
RELEASE - The service will be launching on June 30 in about 100 countries for iTunes on iOS, OS X and Windows. Will be available for Android as well during this fall.
PRICE - $9.99 per month, free for 3 months. $14.99 family plan for up to six family members.

Here is a list of all new features with Apple music -

  1. For You - personalized playlists and albums you might like. It isn't just algorithms, it's recommendations made by team of experts.
  2. Beats 1 - first ever 24/7 worldwide live radio station which broadcasts great music including popular radio figures including Zane Lowe. It is not just for signed artists but also lets unsigned artists share their music/work and connect with fans. Users can get listen to the scenes and in-process unreleased work from artists.
  3. Beats Connect - area where artists can post anything from their latest tracks to video clips of them recording in studio.
  4. Music app and MiniPLlyer - the Music app has a new simplified UI with a new MiniPlayer that appears above the tabs at the bottom of the app which shows what is currently playing, just tap it to expand. You can tell Apple Music what kind of music and artists you enjoy and it’ll suggest songs and playlists. Easy re-organizing of songs in playlist. New bubbles for selections.
  5. Siri - ask Siri to play songs and it does for you, Just say "play so and so song or artist".
  6. Playlists and Recommendations - the service enables you to stream everything available on iTunes, and users can find many human-curated playlists, song and playlist recommendations.
  7. iPhone - This will be One single app on iPhone.

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