Android Studio 1.4 RC 1 now available

Posted on : Sat, 19th Sep 15 07:32 am UTC
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Android Stdio 1.4 RC 1 is now available to download from the beta channel, 1.4 Beta 4 was earlier released under canary channel.

Users who are on 1.4 Preview/Beta build can upgrade directly to 1.4 RC 1

We've also promoted 1.4 Beta 4 to the beta channel, since that build has been in testing for a few days now and there are no big problem. (However, if you're on Linux and using a high density display you may want to jump directly to RC 1 where there are important fixes for that configuration.)

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1.4 RC 1 build has the following bug fixes :

  1. Fixes for high-density displays on Linux
  2. Fixes for templates : activities, visual refresh etc
  3. Vector icons fixed
  4. Fix for Layout editor bug with duplicate id's in RelativeLayouts
  5. Auto completion of upper-cased permission names in manifest files
  6. Lint warns about missing platform-tools 23.0.1
  7. Fix build errors with vector image generation on OSX when using Java 6 to run the IDE and Java 7 to run the IDE
  8. Fix for git module configuration bug

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