Android Studio 1.4 now available under stable channel with new tools

Posted on : Fri, 2nd Oct 15 01:37 pm UTC
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Android Studio 1.4 is now available for upgrade over stable channel. To upgrade open Android Studio and you would see "Platform and Plugin Updates" pop-up, just click on Update and Restart".

You can also download the fresh build from

Android studio v1.4 update

Android studio 1.4 update

New features in version 1.4 includes bug fixes, enhancements and some pretty good new tools for design and performance monitoring for developers :

Vector Asset tool

Vector Asset tool

  1. Vector Assets Studio design tool : Android Studio 1.4 introduces a new tool called Vector assets that lets developers select icons form Material design icon library and make them work with older API levels, users can also create their own VectorDrawbale.
  2. Theme Editor Tool : This tool lets developers manage app theme much easily. The current released Theme Editor is focused on editing and updating the material theme colors (colors.xml) in your app project, more attributes of app theme and styles files will be covered in later releases.
  3. Project Templates

    Project Templates

  4. Project Templates : It now contains new app templates, empty template has been re-introduced.
  5. GPU Rendering Monitor : This tool lets you monitor the GPU performance of your application.
  6. Network Monitor : Now you can monitor the network usage of your app, the amount of data transmitted/received by your app at what rate.
  7. Firebase : Access to Firebase mobile backend to your Android app is made easy. Firebase includes data storage, user authentication, static hosting e.t.c.

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