Android Studio 1.3 Preview released for Android Developers

Posted on : Fri, 29th May 15 12:03 pm UTC
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Yesterday at Google IO event Android M Preview 22+ was introduced to developers along with the new Preview version for IntelliJ Android Studio 1.3,

New features have been added for Android NDK and Game developers i.e code editing and debugging of C and C++ Code. The NDK plugin is based on JetBrains Clion Platform. Features such as refactoring and code completion has also been added to C and C++ coding just like we have for Java code.

The Android developer states that,

Java and C/C++ code support is integrated into one development experience free of charge for Android app developers. Update to Android Studio v1.3 via the Canary channel and let us know what you think.


You can download the latest version of Android Studio 1.3 Preview canary from official developers website :

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