Android Studio 1.3 beta now Available for Developers

Posted on : Fri, 26th Jun 15 12:24 pm UTC
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Android Studio 1.3 is now available for developers under Beta channel. A large number of blocker issues raised in 1.2 are been resolved in this version.

Features in Android Studio v1.3 build :

  1. New Allocation Tracker : It keeps track records of an applications memory allocation. It lists all allocated objects for profiling cycle with its stack, size and allocation code.
  2. New Heap dump Viewer : It can be used to view realtime reports of what types of objects of your application has allocated with what sizes on the heap.
  3. Many new code inspections to enforce framework and support library threading annotations, range annotations, call super, check result, etc.
  4. Missing permission checks and unhandled revocable permission checks.
  5. Android M preview data binding Support added.
  6. Google Analytics support.
  7. SDK update notifications, and brand new integrated SDK manager UI.
  8. Many new built-in live code templates.
  9. Some smaller features and bug fixes.


Note: Android Studio 1.3 Beta build does not contain C/C++ support. The Android Studio team is working on some critical issues and should be available in coming weeks.

More details :

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