Android M 22 aidl is missing error : Android Studio

Posted on : Fri, 29th May 15 08:27 am UTC
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Recently Google Released its upcoming Android Operating System Preview version called Android M 22+ to developers at Google IO event , i just got it downloaded and created an emulator on my Mac OS X operating system,

    My Configuration :

  1. Operating system : Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3
  2. Android Studio version : build on 5th May 2015
  3. Latest Android M Preview 22+ Android 5.1.1 download

When i tried to run the Hello World Project on Emulator i got the following error,

Execution failed for the task : aidl is missing


To resolve this issue follow the following steps :

  1. Go to your app folder under Navigation section.
  2. Right Click -> Open Module Settings
  3. Set Compile with SDK Version as API 22 or below (Lollipop)
  4. Set Build version as 21.1.2
  5. Clean + Build your Project

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